Meet the Crew

No matter what's the weather, these guys keep our vessel afloat.


We do everything with our core values of honesty, hard work, and trust.

We believe these characteristics should influence everything we do in business and life. We love the work we do, and our clients should reap the benefits.


On the bridge and on the deck

These people are in direct contact with you - our customers onshore. Making the impossible a reality.


Stanislav Polášek

CEO / Captain

CEO of ELOS Technologies, with more than 20 years of Open Source and thousands of miles of nautical experience, starting with Linux in the early days of Slackware. I navigate a team of talented and dedicated professionals through the ever-changing information technology market while helping them to maintain their carrier satisfaction and work/life balance. Focusing on the organizational and relational aspect of technological innovation, I favor interdisciplinary view of change and progress in IT. When skippering our vessel through various weather and maritime conditions, I always choose the route that is the safest for my crew and the most enriching for our passangers.


Štěpán Lohnickij

Head of Sales and Marketing / Mastman

Štěpán is the Sales and Marketing Head at ELOS Technologies and loves helping companies with their subscriptions, professional services, and certified training. He has spent the majority of his career in the IT sales industry, gaining experience through Red Hat Training when he worked as a Sales or a Delivery Manager and through subscription advisory. While managing a team of sales professionals in his day job, Štěpán also works as a solo pianist in star-rated hotels and restaurants and successfully manages a professional event band. When on the boat, he's often seen next to the mast being heavily slapped by various types of sails, ropes, and other parts of the rigging. This guy really needs to feel it all!


Daniel Kubenka

Inside Sales / Marine Radio Officer

Daniel Kubenka has boarded our ship early 2018. He is a go-to person for anyone with questions regarding subscriptions from Red Hat, Zimbra, EnterpriseDB, CloudBees and many others. He is also responsible for maintaining a partnership with our sea gods - software vendors. Well, you don't want to mess around in this area, right? When under sails, Daniel is handling our Marine VHF. Making sure he catches every message that is related to our yacht. When onshore, he enjoys sports activities such as fishing, tennis, and skiing. His dream is actually to make money from fishing one day, because "Work is for people who don't know how to fish", as he often says.

DSC_8314 (2)

Lucie Čmolíková


Lucie is an old new crew member who has returned to the ship after maternity leave. She is currently mainly responsible for the support of the sales and technical team, for marketing activities and ensures that every event - be it a team building or a workshop for clients - goes well. On the ship, she takes care of the perfect documentation of our successes and is able to perfectly capture the team spirit, even though it is sometimes literally in combat conditions. She's not even afraid to grab the rope and swing. Outside the ship, she also likes to swing on the dance floor to the rhythm of African and Latin American dances. And if she is not there, then she is certainly in nature with her beloved family.


Andrea Klímová

Accounting / Tanning coordinator

Andrea has been sailing with ELOS since 2017. In the past, you could have met her in contact with our clients regarding training and back-office management. After a short maternity "leave", although with one foot still on board our vessel, she added to the existing function the care of online marketing activities. Just like in the office, regular refreshments are also important on the ship, especially in the form of "gin soup", which she can cook perfectly and repeatedly so that the crew has enough strength for the next sailing. During races, she can hold the publication device in one hand and the gennaker rope in the other and is not afraid to use both. She devotes her free moments on land to quality books, traveling and her family.


Jana Pártlová

Human Resources / Crew Nurse

Jana was among the first onboard of ELOS and is an integral part of it. Her presence dates back to circa 2000. You could have met her at ELOS as an office manager, a marketing coordinator, and for a very long time as an Inside Sales. Jana is behind a number of ELOS phenomenal marketing events that have been etched into our customers' memories once and for all. Currently, she enjoys her role as HR manager and remotely secures our personnel agenda. On the ship, she is a nurse, a mother, a therapist to us, just whomever we need her to be. She is the shoulder to cry on for all those heroic, fearless sailors, when they have, for example, a torn fingernail or a fly lands in their eye.


In the engine room

These are our engineers - the moving power. These men simply get the job done. 


Jan Burian


Jan has been working in the IT industry since 2009, gaining experience mainly in network and system administration. As a Senior Systems Engineer, he is now focused on automation and container technologies, helping our customers with their transformation projects. In addition, he is also a Red Hat Certified Instructor, always enthusiastic to pass his knowledge to others. Outside the office, Jan enjoys nature trips with his dog. When on the boat, you can often see him behind the helm or trimming the mainsail.


Jan Karásek


Having 20 years of experience working on various IT infrastructures, with a background in open-source, Puppet, and infrastructure automation - Honza is considered the father of our monitoring stack. He brought this baby up and turned it into a successful independent individual. Outside of work, Honza enjoys rock climbing and can also be found taking long bike rides through the hilly countryside. As a member of the crew, he has one of the toughest jobs you can imagine. His bowman's duties include e.g. climbing the mast, operating the spinnaker pole, or changing the headsail. This dude doesn't take no for an answer.


Lukáš Mikšíček


It will soon be 30 years since I booted my first Linux kernel. Ever since I have been using Linux and other open-source projects both for work and fun. The only exception being the language localization of the Palm OS operating system to many central European languages. I really enjoyed reverse engineering and hacking the Palm OS since it goes well with my creative nature. I like to dive into the details of various software and hardware gizmos. Although I hadn't planned it I followed a generation-long family tradition and became a teacher or instructor as it is called now. I really enjoy meeting people in training. My recent activities revolve around OpenShift administration and development. All the IT courses take place indoors. In order to compensate for that, I joined the Czech branch of Outward Bound International. In our outdoor courses, we encourage people to learn and grow through experience. When it comes to maritime endeavors I am able to support our team with my diving skills.


Vratislav Šedivý


Vratislav is the young brain on our team. Linux enthusiast, who loves the origins and story behind GNU/Linux and the free software movement. He started experimenting with GNU/Linux when he was just 13 years old. Vratislav enjoys solving technical challenges with both old and new FOSS tools. His favorite waters are those around Antarctica, the habitat of our beloved Linux penguins. Recently, he has shifted his focus on container vessels and has already enjoyed a couple of moments of being solo behind the Helm. Expect to hear a lot more about this mariner in the future.


Petr Zatloukal


Petr is practically a veteran in ELOS. His existence here dates back to the days when punched labels were already leaving their limelight and tape libraries were still a futuristic hype. At ELOS, he focuses on everything from Red Hat Linux, Red Hat Satellite, Red Hat Ansible Automation all the way to the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. In regards to his innate didactic skills, he is also a certified Red Hat instructor. In his free time, he likes to go to nature, ride a bike or a scooter and try to stay out of reach of zeros and ones. He has experience with yachting outside of the ELOS Sailing Team and is therefore very valid support for our crew. Behind the helm, his hand is confident and sober, like the look of an Indian chief at dawn, and he trims sails with Helvetic precision.


In the shipyard

These guys are responsible for the vessel's development. Using AGILE methodology, GitOps and all those nice new power tools to get our ships launched on time and with a loud sounding of the horn.


Lukáš Staněk

Senior developer / 1st Shipwright

Lukas is an experienced Senior Developer with strong expertise in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, CI/CD, Puppet Configuration Management, Cloud Management, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and other technologies. Originally skilled in advanced C/C++ programming mainly on GNU/Linux platform and Linux Kernel level. On the boat, he works as a deckhand, making sure all the rigging is properly connected and functions well. It's really not that different from software development. You just have to know where every line leads to and when is the right time to pull it. Furthermore, he's been using anchors for ages already... Becoming a father of twins, he doesn't actually have the luxury to sit down and spend his time writing a longer bio than this one. Let's give him some break.


Lukáš Smiga

Cloud & Middleware Evangelist / DevOps Architect / Diver

For nearly 20 years, Lukáš has been sailing the waters of enterprise software delivery and his current duty is to be the evangelist for Cloud & Middleware technologies and DevOps movement. Aboard, he mostly observes Clouds and trims the headsail, so our vessel can quickly tack to correct solution. He is also a diver, so he is obliged to scrape barnacles from the hull and the keel, but he also likes to submerge into the depths of our passengers' troubles and helps them to consult any possibilities and ways of implementing modern cloud technologies into their software projects. Beside consulting, implementing, preaching and sailing he is also a Red Hat products instructor.


Jaroslav Svoboda

DevOps Architect/ 2nd Shipwright

After more than 20 years of sailing on an ocean liner, Jaroslav decided to enjoy his ride on a sports sail yacht with the wind in his back and slightly gray hair. Historically, he has focussed on everything in IT from application development to SharePoint infrastructure, for customers in the areas of finance, e-commerce and automotive. Recently, he has been dealing mainly with the Kubernetes / OpenShift platform, including DevOps / GitOps processes, both on OnPremise and in cloud environments. In his free time, he devotes himself to his family and the endless reconstruction of an old homestead. With regard to our manual dexterity, we are not afraid to entrust him with any repair or modification of our sailboat. Whether it's an action in the engine room or a repair of the fuselage delamination. Seeing him with an eccentric grinder is an experience that will be etched in your memory for life.